Fire on December 12th 2022

Resident David Daniels
On December 12th, an early morning fire broke out at our supportive housing building next to the church. One person died — a visitor to the residence — and two people were critically injured. The third floor suffered severe damage, and the rest of the building, including the church kitchen, was damaged by water and smoke.
Thankfully, the firefighters from Stations 325 and 333 extinguished the fire before it could go beyond the third floor. Because of their tireless and heroic efforts, all residents and their pets were rescued. 
While building repairs are progressing quickly, the third-floor residents remain in temporary accommodations provided by another community partner, Fred Victor.
We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support following the fire. Thank you — for your messages, your donations, and your prayers. Thank you for helping us care for and assist the residents as they refurnish their apartments and recover from the fire. We will provide further updates as our community’s recovery progresses.