Lashana Prince, Drop-in Staff

Lashana is a drop-in worker and peer volunteer supervisor. To her, All Saints is a place of refuge. She says, “folks that come in to see us are at their all time low. Here at All Saints, there are no expectations, no restrictions, anyone is welcome through the door. We continue our mission to provide a safe place.”

Together with the drop-in staff team, Lashana helps community members access harm reduction kits, housing support, and health services.

Lashana finds hope every day through people like Lucas. Lucas had hit rock bottom. He had overdosed and was in the hospital. Lucas did not have any known family members or friends to visit him. Lashana says, “We were busy at the drop-in, understaffed with the number of people experiencing homeless needing our services ever-increasing, but I made the time every day to go and visit Lucas in the hospital. He needed us; we were his family. While Lucas was in the hospital, I was able to find his mother who he had lost contact with many years ago. This was Lucas’s turning point. Not long afterward, he came to visit me at All Saints. He has a job and a family that supports him. These are the moments that make us grateful for everything we have, it grounds us, and makes it all worthwhile.”