The Garden

In the spring of 2015, some members of All Saints’ Sunday congregation created a vegetable garden in the church parking lot. Nestled in a sunny south-facing spot, and sheltered on each side by the buttresses of the church, the vegetable garden at All Saints has flourished, providing healthy salads for the Drop-In and place for people to work together for the betterment of our community.

A volunteer and theology group regular and other men from the Sunday church congregation planned and built  containers. Then the bags of earth were delivered, the seeds sown, and the garden came to life, thanks to the blessings of warm sun and frequent rain showers. Since we first celebrated the first dedication and blessing of the garden in May 2015, it has proved to be a resounding success. Some people feared it might be vandalized or looted, but instead, passersby often drop by to admire it. Many people in the neighbourhood have kept an eye on it at weekends. It has become a great source of pride.