All Saints’ doors are always open for us, whether you are hungry, angry or sad.

Staff are always on heels and ready to help in whatever way necessary. I believe that All Saints’ runs off mutual respect for participants to participants and staff to participants especially given the fact that we are in a church. Staff gives or finds reasons to tell or show clients/ participants that they should not give up no matter the circumstances and also inspire us to keep a positive outlook on our individual situations.

It’s also a resting place for people like myself in and around the community or even strangers to the city, whether homeless or housed. I’ve been coming to All Saints’ for years — it’s almost like a second home to me.  I love the work and the care offered here.*

*Staff note — Lee is one of our participants that loves to volunteer to help clean up whether inside or outside, whether rain snow or sunshine he’s always willing to clean without being asked.