I realized after moving away that I had a spring in my step. Shantal asked me what was going on and I told her I finally moved and she said that explains the walk. “So it wasn’t just me who noticed,” I said to her and I smiled.

When packing I started to come across things that I’ve not seen in 10 years including court papers of the man who’s name I’d forgotten three years before. There was his name and all the memories came flashing back I left the apartment and went to All Saints and cried. Barb, Shantal and Marjorie created a safe place mentally for me. After talking with them I went back to my soon to be old apartment, packed a few things I need and went home to my new place, thanks to All Saints I found my piece of mind again.*

*Staff note — Brian is a participant that at been around for many years and staff has watched him grow emotionally and mentally, he had an amazingly contagious spirit, he gets along well with other participants. These days he’s not living in the neighbourhood anymore but he still comes around especially to play cards with barb. Staff is very proud of him and his progress through the years.