Take This BreadThrough conversations with tenants in our drop-in programs, we learned that there is a lack of meaningful employment for individuals who have barriers to the job market. These barriers may include: a criminal record, a disability, gaps in employment history, or mental illness.

In response to this gap, Take This Bread bakery is training participants to bake a variety of bread products for the local restaurants and churches in our community. By specializing in only a small number of products, the bakery minimizes costs and offers local partners an excellent product. Custom bread products are also made available for specific partners.

The focus of the bakery is on training individuals and empowering them to find employment. The program incorporates four distinct training seminars: Baking Skills and Restaurant Industry Standards; Food Handlers Certification; Financial Stewardship Training; and monthly meetings with a Life Skills coordinator to develop goals.

The bakery is open for business on Mondays and Fridays. For more information please see www.takethisbread.ca or call 416.368.7768 and speak with John.