Pancake Tuesday

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On Tuesday February 28, 2017, we had our first Pancake Tuesday, which is in accordance with the celebration of the beginning of Lent using up such as butter, eggs, and fat by preparing rich foods. Pancake Tuesday is also known as Shrove Tuesday in the religious circles. It was such a success, we even had one participant start to “flip” pancakes with our staff. We had so many compliments and it was actually amazing to see breakfast being served in our community on such a cold morning. Having a hot meal ready to be served can go a long way in our community.

These are of Megan and Darryl flipping pancakes. Here at All Saints’ we try to make filling and nutritious food available whenever we can to those who have no money to purchase luxuries.  We were fortunate that week before Lent to find on our delivery trucks from Second Harvest and Daily Bread Food Bank the eggs, sausages, and pancake batter in which to mark this occasion for our guests in the drop-in at the same time that many other churches around the city were holding their annual Shrove Tuesday pancake suppers. Bellies were full and our participants were happy! It was such a successful day! We hope to have Pancake Tuesday annually here at All Saints.


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