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Men’s cooking has been underway here at All Saints. Our Staff Dave Smith overlooks the program and supports the group of men on the cooking. So far they have cooked up a feast from different parts of the world. They have cooked lasagna, tacos/burritos, burgers, etc. Below are pictures from last week when the men’s cooking group made a Jamaican dish of salt fish with ackee, plantain, and Jamaican dumplings. This cooking group was a slow start at first, with trying to find members from the community to join, but since then, word has gone out, and more and more people have come to join every week. Dave has been doing such a great job with these men, trying new types of food every week. They have created a sense of community amongst themselves and those around them. I can’t wait to see what Dave has in store for the group in the next couple of weeks!




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